Financial Planning

Financial planning is a road map to our happy and free lives.  To live independently with choices and the best way to get there is by starting early.  Here are areas we can guide you in.

  • Business Planning - As business owners, you wear many hats, to make your life a little bit easier we're here to manage your risk by fortifying financial foundations. We make sure you have a funded buy sell agreement as your business will in the event of your death and/or disability.  Helping you to mitigate taxes with many of our employer sponsor plans such as pension plan, 401k, SEP-IRA etc. Giving guidance and business valuation to prepare you for business succession when you are thinking about selling and/or retiring. We provide strategies to reward and retain your key employees.

  • Estate Planning - Perhaps the biggest important asset to your life is legacy and yet it is the least talk about.  Estate planning is making sure all goes as plans to the next generation. It starts with a Will, but much more complex trusts is likely to be done when you have significant assets. It often involves strategies to reduce estate tax liablilty, provide estate liquidity, equalize the estate, and freezing the estate.

  • Retirement Planning - How much it takes to maintain your lifestyle before you run out of money?  The true answer is that you don't know and that is why we got to make sure the plan we make cannot run out of money prematurely.

  • Tax Planning - The tax man is always on your tail no matter how much you make.  This is the biggest eroding factor of your wealth. Hence it is imperative to implement tax mitigation techniques as much as possible. We provide tax-advantaged investment strategies for high and ultra net worth investors. 

  • Charitable Planning - At the heart of every normal human being is kindness.  We want to give back when there is abundance. This planning will help your gift go far as much as possible to the causes you hold dear.

  • Education Planning - We get it!  College is expensive. As parents and grandparents, you feel responsible to give your kids and grandkids the education they deserve in order for them to pursue a career worth living.  We are here to give you plans to make that a reality.

  • Asset Protection - Some ways to protect your assets are through business entity structure, irrevocable trusts, and insurance.  Please see Insurance.

  • Wealth Accumulation - Making your money work hard for you is another core of financial planning.  For more details, please see Investment.