Our Story

Victorian Capital's Story


After working nearly a decade in the financial industry, Tinh's commitment to his clients became his life goal.  The impact he made to his clients during those times were nothing short of personal happiness for him and thus he felt that the best way to serve them is by going independent.   As a result, Victorian Capital Management is form to continue the authentic, honest, caring, and expertise advice while broaden the flexibility of services to his clients and future clientele.

Victorian Capital's purpose is to build a world class financial planning firm in the United States of America, with a strong presence in the Northwest.  Our logo of the laurel wreath is a symbol of victory, honor and virtue; the word "Victorian" reminiscing a time of unprecedented wealth, power and stability.  Together, they reflect our philosophy to firmly put you in a financial position to ultimately be victorious.

Our team is comprised of individuals who love what they do and are ready to serve you.  We pride ourselves by clearly announce that it is our duty to do the right thing for people.  We value relationship more than anything and thus we put our clients first in everything we do.  We strongly believe that client success is also our victory.

Our Philosophy


We do not just see ourselves as your trusted advisers, we see ourselves as an extended family of yours.  Every recommendations we make is examine thoroughly by looking at the lens of our clients as if you were our own family.  We create unbiased solutions based on your goals and objectives because we embody trust, integrity and open communication in everything we do.  Most importantly, we care more about legacy than currency.  This is our calling to serve you!

Our Mission


Our mission is to deliver optimal coordinated financial and wealth management plan. Our duty is to ensure your needs and goals are met with the right planning techniques and/or products. We empower you with the latest tool and knowledge to make informed financial decisions, guiding you step by step whenever you need us with unparalleled client experience.