Our Values

Coming from well raised families and teachers, there is nothing we do that doesn't embody the following traits.

Trust - We value your trust and there is no money in the world that can buy that trust.  It is the number one characteristic on our list. When time is tough, we'll always stand by your side.

Integrity - We do what we say.  We don't hype you up and let you down.  We will always tell you what is realistic and what is not.  However, there are certain times we will overpromise and over deliver.

Respect - We show compassion and dignity to all human beings. We recognize that under this planet called Earth is beings who are living and breathing just trying to survive. Hence we respect everyone who walk through our door despite their net worth.

Honor - We honor our promises. We fulfill our obligations and agreements. In the rare instances that we do not, we promise to amend our mistakes and work with you until you are satisfied again.

Transparency - We have no hidden fee. Depending on what type of relationship we decide to engage in at the initial consultation, we will map out your fee in plain English. We tell our clients the strengths and weaknesses of each strategies and products. Thus taking the guess out of planning.